SICIS Vetrite Certificates ISO UNI EN Standards

Order: 87450 Item origin: sampled and supplied by the customer Identification of item received: 2021/0325 dated 10 February 2021 Activity date: 23 February 2021 Activity site: Istituto Giordano S p A - Strada Erbosa Uno, 72 - 47043 Gatteo (FC) - Italy Contents Page Description of item* 2 Normative references 2 Apparatus 2 Method 2 Environmental conditions 3 Results 3 This document is made up of 3 pages and shall not be reproduced except in full without extrapolating parts of interest at the discretion of the customer, with the risk of favoring an incorrect interpretation of the results, except as defined at contractual level The results relate only to the item examined, as received, and are valid only in the conditions in which the activity was carried out The original of this document consists of an electronic document digitally signed pursuant to the applicable Italian Legislation Chief Test Technician: Dott Andrea Bruschi Head of Security and Safety Laboratory: Dott Andrea Bruschi Technical Manager: Dott Ing Giuseppe Persano Adorno Com iler: Paolo Bonito Reviewer: Dott Andrea Bruschi Page 1 of 3 ISTITUTO GIORDANO S.p.A. Via Gioacchino Rossini, 2 - 47814 Bellaria-Igea Marina (RN) - Italia - Tel. 39 0541 343030 - - Cap. Soc. € 1.500.000 i.v. - R.E.A. c/o C.C.I.A.A. (RN): 156766 - Registro Imprese Romagna (Forlì-Cesena e Rimini) e CF/P. IVA: n. 00 549 540 409 TEST REPORT No. 381211/13975/CPR Customer SICIS S.r.l. Via Canala, 75/79 - 48123 RAVENNA (RA) - Italy Item* decorative laminated glass named “SICIS COLLECTION VETRITE/GEMGLASS 44.2 EVA” “Activity hard body dro test in accordance with standard UNI EN 356:2002 with reference to harmonised standard UNI EN 14449:2005/EC 1-2008 Results EN 356 P1A (*) according to that stated by the customer Bellaria-Igea Marina - Italy, 25 March 2021 Chief Executive Officer