SICIS Vetrite Certificates ISO UNI EN Standards

Test report No 381212/13976/CPR dated 23 March 2021 Page 2 of 4 Descri tion of item* The item under examination consists of No 4 specimens of decorative laminated glasses, having the dimensional characteristics stated in the following table: nominal width 876 mm nominal height 1938 mm nominal thickness 9,52 mm More specifically, the item consists of: – glass float layer, nominal thickness 4 mm; – No 4 layers of EVA, total nominal thickness 1,52 mm; – glass float layer, nominal thickness 4 mm Photogra h of a s ecimen before the test Manufacturing site*. Sicis S r l - Via Canala, 75/79 - 48123 Ravenna (RA) - Italy (*) according to that stated by the customer; Istituto Giordano declines all responsibility for the information and data provided by the customer that may influence the results