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Leather Delaware Mother of Pearl Fabric Liber Sable CREDITS Central Park Tower Development Company Photography Evan Joseph Across from Central Park, located on Billionaires row, the tallest luxury building in the world soars into the sky. Extell’s vision and experience has brought this iconic architectural gem to one of the most coveted sites in the world. It is with great pleasure we present to you the Sicis model apartment, setting new standards in sophisticated and luxurious city living. In designing this apartment Sicis took their inspiration and lead from the City, the Park and the Views. Recreating the verticality, reflections and ever changing light in their design, layout and use of their proprietary materials throughout. The color palette and use of space gives the sensation of floating through the clouds and reaching for the stars. Just like the streets of New York City connect and flow so do the interiors of this apartment. From design concept to producing all the architectural surfaces, finishes, furniture, fabric and lighting there is a visual synergy that creates a warm and tranquil living space. Central Park Tower 2 3 / CENTRAL PARK TOWER

Wall Panel System Wood / Vetrite Glass 4 5 / CENTRAL PARK TOWER

Vetrite Canapa Fumo Sabbia Fabric Numisma Bronze Vetrite Tela Brown 6 7 / CENTRAL PARK TOWER

Fabric Signum Bronze Fabric Glauco Tobacco Velvet 8 9 / CENTRAL PARK TOWER


Vetrite Electric Marble Fabric Elios Petroleum Panel Custom Drizzle 12 13 / CENTRAL PARK TOWER

Fabric Liber Sable Fabric Numisma Bronze 14 15 / CENTRAL PARK TOWER

Mirror Bronze Vetrite Dust Gold Vetrite Astrakan Giove The SICIS Team of artists, designers, and makers create bespoke environments. We excel in the details and provide full turn key service with critical attention to detail from project concept to full installation by our team of craftsman. The built environment of this residence speaks in one harmonious voice from Floors to Walls , Furniture to Fabric, Lighting to Artwork, Carpets and accessories. Every turn something new to discover. And just when you think you discovered it all, thanks to the magnificent views, the light changes and the journey is new! - Innovative glass and wood panels, reflecting the views and the changing light, creating depth and dimension. - Lighting sparkling like jewels throughout the residence. - Exceptional furniture covered in SICIS patterned fabrics calling you to sit and experience the space. - Artwork, from paintings to tapestries by cutting edge Italian artists curated specifically for each space. - Custom mosaic art made by SICIS Master Mosaicists true to their DNA channeling the Byzantine era to the next century. Whether a dinner for two or a sophisticated cocktail party with friends and acquaintances this residence provides the ultimate luxury; an oasis for reflection and calm. Comfort and luxury treat your senses to what living in the most exciting building in the greatest city in the world is all about. All designed and made in Italy, by SICIS master artisans. SICIS Italy 16 17 / CENTRAL PARK TOWER

Vetrite Astrakan Pavone 18 19 / CENTRAL PARK TOWER

Marble Statuario 20 21 / CENTRAL PARK TOWER

Ballet cluster ceiling lamp 22 23 / CENTRAL PARK TOWER

Fabric Elios Raspberry Fabric Elios Rose Fabric Maple Grey 24 25 / CENTRAL PARK TOWER

Fabric Oregon Pearl Metal Champagne 26 27 / CENTRAL PARK TOWER

Wall Panel System Wood / Vetrite Glass 28 29 / CENTRAL PARK TOWER

Marble Arabescato Grigio Orobico Marble Calacatta 30 31 / CENTRAL PARK TOWER

Marble Arabescato Grigio Orobico 32 33 / CENTRAL PARK TOWER

Marble Bianco Romano Marble Travertino Vetrite Filo Silver 34 35 / CENTRAL PARK TOWER

Central Park Tower Description LIVING Osaka bookshelf Prestige Sofa 250 Prestige Sofa 300 Pillows set for Prestige Sofa 250 + 300 Peggy coffee table 120 Babylon side table high and low Liam armchair Island tv cabinet Ballet cluster ceiling lamp Vetrite Wall Panel System Chamaleon round pouf LIVING - DINING ROOM Venus ceiling lamp Artistic mosaic Meamorphism Drizzle Banquette Philippe table Liam chair FOYER Harper mirror Consolle Totem Tris wall sconce Vetrite Astrakan Pavone 36 37 / CENTRAL PARK TOWER

Central Park Tower Description GUEST ROOM Tellus table lamp Lucrezia chair custom Levi Desk Cabinet Camaleon pouf Element K ceiling lamp Prestige Sofa 250 Wood slat wall panelling GUEST BEDROOM Casanova bed Bedset accessories Pick side table medium and small Ring pouf low Celebrity armchair Visconti floor lamp Ballet cluster ceiling lamp KITCHEN Marble All interiors products BATHROOM Marble 38 39 / CENTRAL PARK TOWER

Central Park Tower Description Sofas Lamps Meamorphism Art Collection Tables Armchairs Chairs Poufs Coffee tables Consolles Buffets Beds 40 41 / CENTRAL PARK TOWER

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